Product description

BABYLIFE® KLA-145L Phototherapy/blue light LED family

Designed for preventive and \ or follow-up care of hyper-billirubinaemia of neonates and premature infants.


Technical data:

  • Space requirement: 500x1000x1500 mm
  • Height of radiating head
    – Versions M and MB: 980 or 1380 mm
    – Versions MA and MU: between 1260–1660 mm
  • Lifetime of LED panel: min. 50000 working hours
  • Hour meter for LED lifetime
  • Light intensity control.
  • Range of radiating wavelength: 400/500 nm
  • Operation distance: 300/400 mm
  • Size of radiated area: 220×420/250×450 mm.
  • 2 white LEDs with separate control (examination light).
  • Effective radiation intensity: >45 uW/sq cm at 300 mm (at 100%).
  • Electric power: 50 W
  • Mains voltage: 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 20 kg (standard version)

Basic design:

A floor stand device provided with castors with Brakes, working hour counter and programmable treatment timer, and total bulbs use. Ultra silent operation.

Mode of operation:

  • Time treatment counter in hours and minutes
  • Timer counter (countdown) in hours and minutes
  • Four versions available with blue LED panel.
    – Version M: Two-position stand with fixed height and Horizontal radiating head
    – Version MA: Stand with adjustable height and horizontal radiating head
    – Version MB: Two-position stand with fixed height, radiating head tilting forward and backward by 45º
    – Version MU: Stand with adj
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