Capsule Endoscopy is an orally ingested capsule, designed to capture and wirelessly transmit images of the lining of the small intensine. It  has become a very important tool for diagnosis of small bowel diseases. The MiroCam® capsule endoscopy system has a range of advanced features and software functions designed to provide efficient patient diagnosis;  increasing the value of capsule endoscopy in the diagnostic framework.

    MiroCam® Advanced Diagnostic Features

    MiroCam® takes better quality images for a longer period of time, resulting in a more accurate diagnostic view of the small bowel. Coupled with MiroView’s easy to use interface and time saving features. Physicians can make a more complete diagnosis in a shorter time.


    MiroCam® Superior Technologies

    MiroCam® is a newly developed capsule endoscope based upon HBC (Human Body communication) a state of the art patented technology utilizing the human body as a commucation medium. In a addition to advanced data transmission technology, IntroMedic has incorporated state-of-the-art imaging and lighting technologies into the MiroCam® capsule, cumulatively resulting in significant advantages when performing capsule endoscopy procedures. The MiroCam® has been developed and manufactured with the highest concern for patient safety.