Product description

BABYLIFE® BLF-2001 Neonatal incubator family

• Exceptional safety
• Easy access to the baby
• Air curtain, double wall hood
• Automatic humidification
• Skin/Air controlled operation
• Silent operation
• Adjustable oxygen supply
• Micro-computer controlling
• Graphical LCD display indicating trend
• Numerous options


BLF-2001 incubators have a remarkably wide range of configurations. The incubators can be ordered with the selected combination of the available options.

Exceptional safety

The functions and operation of BLF-2001 incubators meet the requirements of IEC-601-2-19 product standard those of the 93/42/EEC Directive. The materials used comply with to the hygienic and toxicological requirements and are monitored continuously. The development, production and quality assurance of the incubators are performed in accordance with the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Easy access to the baby

The hood has six fully transparent windows (with iris opening upon request) and a large (upon request two) door(s). An X-ray cassette can be inserted under the cradle or on a cassette holder tray (optional). The cradle with the baby can be placed into an inclined position (even electrically upon request; optional), and the baby can be removed from the incubator safely and quickly together with the cradle.

Air curtain, double wall hood

In the hood the air streams along the longitudinal axis of the baby’s body. When the door is opened, an air curtain develops in the door. The hood of the unit may be single or double walled (optional).

Easy operation

The incubators are equipped with foil-covered keyboards and graphic LCD displays. Settings are easy to understand having the lowest possible number of controls. Set and real-time measured values are constantly shown on the LCD display.

Silent operation

The noise level in the hood is below 45 dBA. The opening and closing of windows is absolutely noiseless. The air flow rate is well below the value allowed by the relevant standards.

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