Fetal monitor FetalXP


Antepartum Fetal Monitor with 12CH ECG. 

Superior Advantages

  • 7″ color TFT Wide LCD monitor with full touch screen operation (800X480)
  • Twin FHR, Uterine Contraction, Auto fetal movement detection
  • Z-folder printer
  • Controlling printing speed with automatic printing function
  • Graphic/text screen mode
  • 10 function keys and wheel key
  • Versatile LCD mount support tilt


High-performance Measurement

  • High sensitivity (1MHz probe)
  • Easy tracking of past results(data) with touch screen function
  • CTG Diagnostic functions
  • Cross channel verification

Enhanced Data Management

  • Automatic data saving function up to 72 hours
  • Wired/Wireless(Wi-Fi) connection to central monitoring system (option)
  • Easy to be compatible with EMR System

Battery (Li-ion): 8 hours (Stand by), 4 hours (3cm/min printing)