B range

The product range Blood Bank Refrigerators offers volumes from 52 to 895 litres. B models feature a natural defrosting system and are equipped with a PMMA organic glass door for quick checks and pre-selection of the refrigerator‘s content. The interior temperature is monitored via an autonomous control sensor and adjusted to +4°C. This ensures that the product temperature of the stored preparations is kept at +4°C ± 2°C.

Refrigerators for the legally safe storage of blood bags / erythrocyte concentrates according to DIN 58371, ÖNORM K 2030 & Medical Device 93/42/EEC.


1 Integrated multi-function electronics

Integrated B Medical Systems multi-function electronics, at easy access level, in the door handle; compatible with a °B Connected monitored solution.

2 Lifetime warranty corrosion-free cabinet

• One piece material cabinet with a lifetime warranty for zero corrosion, highest quality polypropylene for a better insulation and no sharp edges to provide easier maintenance and cleaning
• Easier, safer handling as the lower weight of corrosion free material offers better stability with heavier componentsplaced at the bottom.

3 High storage capacity

High storage per square meter in terms of net volume, with a very versatile inner volume utility due to the multiple user friendly rails allowing modularity.

4 Exclusive innovative handle bar (patent pending)

All functionalities at easy reach:

• Open/close – Heavy duty door lock mechanism
• Digital control with full functionalities – Standard multifunction digital sensitive 4.3’’ panel integrated at eye level in the door handle with full commands and connections, or optional full 7’’ touchscreen with pre-installed connection allowing exclusive °B Connected monitoring functionalities

5 High quality materials

High quality new coating, certified medical devices quality and antibacterial, on high quality steel for a better longevity and easy hygiene control.

6 Highest insulation value (organic glass door)

4-layer (Precision Line) and 5-layer (Premium Line) PMMA organic glass offering highest insulation, combined with reduced weight reducing efforts to close door and constraints on hinges, offering a better longevity.